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Year Won: 1951 in Eau Claire, WI

Songs Sung:

1942 - 1953
1951 - LOL District Champions
1953 - 3rd Place International Medalist

The Sing-Copates had their beginnings in Junior High School, Appleton, Wisconsin, for a Gay 90's Musical Review. The quartet consisted of Gil Stammer, Bass - Dick Faas, lead - Bob Hubbel, bari and Jerry Reick, tenor. They were 'adopted' and coached by the Appleton SPEB Chapter and 'Hall of Famer' Del Bradford while in high school. Mike Hammond joined them as lead and
Gil moved to bari, Dick to bass.

After graduation from high school, Gil, Dick and Mike attended Lawrence College in Appleton, and in 1951 the Sing-Copates won the LOL District Championship. Sadly, in 1952, the tenor, Jerry Reick, was killed in an auto accident and was replaced by fraternity brother, Don Marth. This foursome then went on to win a 3rd Place International Medalist position in 1953 in Detroit, Michigan. Gil, Dick and Don graduated from Lawrence literally hours after the contest and Mike went on to fulfill his Rhodes Scholarship in London.

Don Marth died a few years later from a heart attack on a business trip. Gil Stayed involved for many years directing barbershop and Sweet Adelines choruses in the MidWest and sang bari in the Illinois District Championship Quartet,The Escapades. Gil retired to Arkansas in 1990. Dick also did some directing of Sweet Adelines and retired to Mississippi. Mike Hammond passed away just days after being appointed to head up the National Endowment of the Arts by President George Bush.

Member Biographies

Reick, Jerry (Deceased)

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Stammer, Gil

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Hammond, Mike (Deceased)

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Faas, Dick

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Stammer, Gil
374 Sunset Dr.
Cotter, AR 72626 USA