Quartet Biography


Year Won: 2004 in Appleton,WI

Songs Sung:
  • Love/Eyes (Medley)
  • Story Of The Rose, The (Heart Of My Heart)
  • What Ever Happened To The Old Songs?
  • Girl Of My Dreams

Quest was a championship, 4-part, a cappella harmony group dedicated to singing a wide variety of vocal music at the highest level.

Their quest for excellence took them to the top of the Land o' Lakes District of the Barbershop Harmony Society in October 2004, and continued as they placed in the Top 20 in the world at both the 2005 and 2006 versions of the BHS International Contest!

Quest retired in Dec 2006, mostly because their lead, Mike, was a wimp! HA!!

Member Biographies

Althof, Jay

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After moving to LaCrosse, WI in 1986 I joined Grandad's Bluff and we had the good fortune of being the 1988 LOL District champs and competing in the 1988 International competition in San Antonio. In 1989 New Image formed and placed as high as 2nd in the LOL District and had many years of performing all over the tri-state area. New Image was probably best know for the "Little Kids" set.

Quest formed in early 2004 and won the District contest that same year. In 2005 and 2006 we placed in the Top 20 at the International competition.

Currently I'm singing Tenor with Vocality. We formed in February of 2007 and were fortunate to qualify for International and then win the District Contest that fall in Rochester.

Beth and I have been married since 1984 and have two daughters, Katie and Kristin. I am President of Unison Comfort Technologies, based in Minneapolis, MN.

Graham, Brent

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I've been a Barbershopper since 1978, getting my start in the Far Western District. I attended Harmony College three times and taught at numerous District-level schools during my tenure in the FWD.
I directed the Santa Barbara, CA, chapter for 11 years, finishing 5th in the District three times. I sang tenor with the popular show quartet, Santa Barbara Sound, and then lead with the International quarter-finalist, Swingtime, before moving to Oregon in 1997. I directed the Eugene, OR chapter for three years and sang baritone with Legacy, who finished 2nd at District in 1998, before moving to Minnesota in 2000 to join Excalibur. I competed with Excalibur four times at International, finishing as high as 7th in 2003 and 2004. My first District championship quartet was Quest, who won the LOL District in 2005, and finished as high as 19th at International. X-factor won the District in 2008 and finished 23rd at International. GQ won the LOL championship in 2011, and competed at International 3 times. From 2001-2008, I directed the City of Lakes Sweet Adeline chorus, and became a Master Director in 2007.
I currently sing with Suit Up! and the A Cappella Syndicate in the FWD.
I have arranged about 200 songs in the Barbershop style, and coach a wide variety of choruses and quartets around the country.
When I'm not Barbershopping or playing poker, I work as a Data Analyst in Phoenix, AZ.

Laurel, Mike

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Milbrandt, Tim

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I began singing in barbershop quartets and choruses in high school. Throughout the years I have sung in the Rochester, Allbert Lea, and Hilltop, MN chapters and the Louisville Metro, KY, chapter. I have sung in a number of quartets including Quest and X-factor. I have two AWESOME kids, Joshua and Julia, who I love to have along with me at barbershop events. I live in Rochester and work for Mayo Clinic as a counselor and also teach at the local community college.

What the Heck Four
- 1992 LOL Southwest Division competitor

In Consort
- 1992 LOL District Finalists

- 1996 Southwest Division Champions
- 1995 & 1996 LOL District Finalists

- 1999 LOL District Semifinalists

Double Down
- 2002 & 2003 Southwest Division Champions
- 2002 & 2003 LOL district Semifinalists

- 2004 LOL District Champions
-2005 & 2006 International Semifinalists

- 2008 10000 Lakes Division Champions
- 2008 LOL District Champions
- 2009 International Quarterfinalists

Contact Information

Graham, Brent
110 W Bell Road
Apt 156
Phoenix, Arizona 85023 USA